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MaluHarten Painting by maluh13 MaluHarten Painting :iconmaluh13:maluh13 0 0
After the Sunset
Daniel had been looking for Alex all over the property. It was a big compound with a condominium building, a busy parking lot and a big valley spreading next to it to the south. Everywhere else there were city roads. The sunset was near and he was running out of time.
He suddenly saw Scooby on the fence between the parking lot and the valley.
"Hey, Scooby!" He yelled.
Scooby turned. "What's up, Daniel?"
"Have you seen Alex? I have been looking for her all over the place!"
Scooby replied "no, I have not seen her."
"Can you please tell her that I am looking for her if you see her? Please?" Daniel knew Scooby would not be too happy about this, given all that had happened between Daniel and Alex in the past.
"I don't know if she will want to see you..." Scooby said.
"Daniel! Come here! You are late!" Daniel's mom called from the condominium door.
Daniel bit his lip, looked at Scooby pleadingly, but said nothing and turned around. He walked towards his mom and they both disappear through th
:iconmaluh13:maluh13 0 0
Porridge with Grandma
When I woke up today, my mom was making the usual porridge for Grandma. Grandma had been dead for 5 years, but she still wanted her porridge ready for breakfast; not too hot, with some raisins to give it texture.  
"When I die, I will not make you make me porridge. You'll have enough with Grandma's," my mom has said a few times.
I walked in the kitchen and greeted both Grandma and mom, then grabbed my customary seat to the left of Grandma.
"Grandma, how's the afterlife today?" I asked.
As always, my Grandma shook her head.
"You will never learn, will you? The afterlife is just seeing your porridge in front of you for breakfast and not being able to taste it," she said while putting porridge in her mouth. "Everything else is exactly the same."
"I know, Grandma, I am just joking," I got up and kissed her, then continue eating.
After breakfast, I went to school. It was a very normal day at school. We did Math on first period and I got the Math test back from last week. I did great an
:iconmaluh13:maluh13 0 0
The Painter
The painter said, you need
More perspective,
Here, it is
Too flat. You need some
Contrast to bring this to life.
She said, put the canvas
Here, use the brush
Like so, then
Take the knife. Make some
Small quick stabs,
Spread the color.
This is an abstract
Painting. No? Looks that way.
Saturate this corner bright,
Make this other dark,
Have them fight
It out in the middle,
:iconmaluh13:maluh13 0 1
Colega by maluh13 Colega :iconmaluh13:maluh13 1 3
Half a Bottle
Just like you need someone to be there sometimes,
Sometimes I need someone to be there at times.
:iconmaluh13:maluh13 0 0
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Across Middle-Earth - Buckland by ralphdamiani Across Middle-Earth - Buckland :iconralphdamiani:ralphdamiani 284 29 it's all in your mind by werol it's all in your mind :iconwerol:werol 934 108 The Dark Lord Awakens, spitpaint by cobaltplasma The Dark Lord Awakens, spitpaint :iconcobaltplasma:cobaltplasma 391 12 Grow Again by DestinyBlue Grow Again :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 16,646 758
on forgetting.
remind me what it is to be human,
you say,
and i think of the candle burning
in the next room,
the broken glass on the floor,
the "i'm sorry"'s we forgot to say.
i remember the way your hair looks in the wind,
all the phone calls i forgot to answer,
the way you look when you cry,
like a child, lost,
grasping for air.
i think of the way you love,
like you've never lost anything at all,
like the storm is never coming.
remind me what it is to be human,
you say,
and it makes me realize i've forgotten, too.
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 8 6
Mature content
inconvenience (rewritten) :iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 11 13
Essence by werol Essence :iconwerol:werol 332 56 ......taste the Sky by foureyes ......taste the Sky :iconfoureyes:foureyes 718 75 Storming by werol Storming :iconwerol:werol 906 68 Horror Stories by YouInventedMe Horror Stories :iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 1,937 227 take me there by werol take me there :iconwerol:werol 753 77 Amelia by werol Amelia :iconwerol:werol 1,651 138 The Thought of Me Kissing You by ahermin The Thought of Me Kissing You :iconahermin:ahermin 1,625 93 Shanghai - Pudong by xMEGALOPOLISx Shanghai - Pudong :iconxmegalopolisx:xMEGALOPOLISx 1,111 65
On nights like these
we like to call ourselves stargrazers,
deep sky tourists.
We head up to the headland,
where heaven grafts itself to earth,
stitching the breeze between
our cheekbones, our fingertips.
Below, the sea stretches out
with an endless hush. You tell me
we'll sit in the rift
of the tide's smile to keep in touch
with the muchness of being
and believing. But seeing
beyond that pale of blacklight
is another matter. You have a map,
so you take the back of my hand
and paint a picture in mime
and synaesthesiac rhyme:
     Our sky is like cats' eyes
     kaleidoscoping along a wide road,
     a highway of air and neverending
     distance, with stars that sink deep
     into tar - or maybe sheets - like sleep.
     Think of travelling by car, you say. Of
     flying then falling.
My stars
:iconangel-in-pieces:angel-in-pieces 20 34
Roads part 11 by werol Roads part 11 :iconwerol:werol 641 54



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